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Manage and control all loans and minutes made by the Service Points.

For members of credit unions and make simulations of loans with agility and total security.

We are a family owned and operated business.

This system also checks the fees according to the region of the loan and records the signatures of managers and attorneys.


Have a direct channel of

relationship with your customer.

Strategically manage suggestions, complaints and market perceptions that can become opportunities for your company.

We are a family owned and operated business.

This system manages these classifications, expanding your view of the business to improve processes, products and services, in addition to improving the relationship with your audience.


Complete solution for managing and controlling calls from internal and external users.

Acting in the areas of: Service Desk, SAC - Shared service center,

Industrial maintenance, Marketing, Logistics, Purchasing, and HR.

We now have new features like; APP for technicians, New Dashboards, Technicians Agenda, Change Management, Project Modules, Partial and General Billing, Integration with Central Telephone, Cloud Hosting.

Why choose this solution?

  • Speed in opening demands.

  • Centralization of all information.

  • 100% web.

  • Exclusive customer portal.

  • Graphs and dashboard with indicators.

  • Management and operational reports.

  • Identification of areas of the organization that deserve more attention from managers.

  • Knowledge base for future reference.

  • Management of tickets and support staff.

  • Monitoring of contacts, both for the company and for customers.

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