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How to align financial and management systems?

Why have strategic planning in financial management?

Without strategic planning, it is unlikely that your company will have an exponential growth rate, achieving greater objectives by conquering the market, acquiring customers and selling.

Because without it, your company will not have the necessary articulation to support healthy financial growth.

Strategic financial planning allows your company to better organize:

· Goals: what objectives does the enterprise want to achieve;

· Deadlines: how long each goal must be achieved;

· Resources: what financial resources are available to achieve the goals within the stipulated deadlines;

· Metrics: evaluation of the pace and the results obtained in each objective.

Within the strategic planning, each sector of the company's organization is smoothed and has its own objectives: market conquest, expenses, revenues, profits and billing goals in certain periods.

Account management and strategic planning

To achieve financial goals, the company needs to be aware of its costs and expenses and the profits made.

However, many companies face difficulties in this sector, mainly in the control and management of receipts, since there are numerous forms of payment existing today.

Having control over cash, bank and credit card payments can be a challenge, as the date of receipt of the money may vary between them.

It is very important that the company's financial manager is fully aware of all the company's gains and expenses in real time and with detailed reports, so that no information is lost and ends up weighing in the final calculation.

A survey by USBank showed that at least 82% of companies that declared bankruptcy were primarily due to poor cash flow management.

For this, an ERP (integrated business management system) and a recurring billing system with integration API can be a hand in the wheel to automate and systematize this data.

There are other technological tools that can assist in better money management, such as management and automation software, cloud data storage, among others.

The company's financial manager must always remember that good management is enhanced with the use of financial tools, budget control and the application of a well-prepared strategic plan.

Main mistakes that entrepreneurs make in the financial management of the company.

Among some of the most frequent mistakes among financial managers are:

  • Lack of knowledge about the company's financial operations;

  • Neglecting cash flow;

  • Do not use performance indicators and analyze the company's financial performance;

  • Lack of inventory control;

  • Do not manage working capital well;

  • Do not separate personal accounts from company accounts;

  • Poor administration of tax and accounting documents.

All of these errors are directly reflected in the company's results, and can cause serious problems such as:

· Not knowing the company's equity value;

· Uncontrolled with the company's working capital, making investments and activities unfeasible;

· Lack of sufficient information (such as cash balance, inventory and others) for an efficient strategic financial planning of the company;

· Error in product pricing.

How can technology assist in financial management?

To avoid the aforementioned mistakes and lose control of financial management, you can rely on technology.

The technology can assist both in the storage of data, as in the organization and analysis of the same, allowing a better visualization of the financial scenario of the company.

Today, you can find countless solutions from management systems, automation software, which organize information and make financial projections, recurring collection system for payments, among others.

By implementing platforms like these, you will be able to better organize your business finances.

In addition, they will even assist in reducing customer defaults - which is a major problem in Brazil - as it will automate tasks, generating collections and alerting the customer about payment.

The Galax Pay is a system of payment and recurring billing that features API integration with billing for any management system.

It is the system that offers the most advantages on the market today and guarantees a series of benefits for your business:

· You can integrate Galax Pay with the main acquirers in Brazil today (Cielo, Rede, PagSeguro);

· Documentation with only 5 endpoints, simplifying the financial analysis of your business;

· All payment methods in one place. Recurring or separate collections in boleto, credit card and PIX;

· Webhooks, with intelligent integration that allows you to instantly update your database whenever an event occurs;

Great, isn't it? To find out more, talk to an expert!



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