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Easy Ombudsman Management: monitor response times in real time

In any well-structured Ombudsman, it is common for professionals to have to collect data, send reports and other actions that require well-defined internal deadlines. The problem is that these tasks become much more difficult when the Ombudsmen are not even able to monitor the deadlines for responding to external manifestations.

After all, this is a crucial activity in the sector, as the protesters need to have a return on their demands within a given period. And in many cases, the Ombudsman's management has some problems in this regard, from the lack of feedback from the referrals made internally or even the lack of predetermined deadlines.

In this text, we will talk a little more about the importance of monitoring deadlines and their impact on management. In addition, we will bring you some tips and guidelines so that you can manage this aspect more easily. Check out!

Deadlines for response at the Ombudsman

The Ombudsman is an essential sector in companies that want to improve their processes, products and services. After all, it is she who will receive manifestations from the citizen-customers who may not have been resolved by the Customer Service (SAC), will register the demand and pass on what has been reported to those responsible.

From there, the Ombudsman can identify the nature of events that are more frequent and that require solutions, presenting these problems to managers.

That done, the directors of the affected areas can implement corrective actions and, consequently, reduce the recurrence of this type of manifestation, causing positive results in the performance of the Ombudsman management and also of the institution.

And as in any sector, it is necessary to be efficient in activities to bring positive impacts to the company. In a good Ombudsman management, monitoring the response period is one of them, not least because the concept of Ombudsman does not exist without defining deadlines for responses to the citizen-client.

Response times by sector

It is worth mentioning that some segments are regulated with regard to the maximum period for meeting the Ombudsman's demands, as an example:

Supplementary Health - 7 working days

Telecommunications - 10 days

Financial Sector - 10 working days

Electrical Sector - 15 days

Insurance, pension and capitalization - 15 days

Securities market - 15 days

Public Administration - 30 days

Even though its Ombudsman does not belong to a regulated segment, it is very important that the institution itself defines a deadline for responding to its users. Thus, the Ombudsman's Office must always say when it will take a position on a specific demand.

If, eventually, the process is not finalized even after a lot of effort, the indicated is to contact the protester before the deadline for:

• Inform the progress of the demand;

• Say what problems were found;

• Extend the deadline.

In most cases, the other party understands the situation and is grateful that the company has not set aside its demand, giving as much attention as possible. This even reinforces the relationship with the client-citizen, increasing the level of trust between him and the company.

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Own Ombudsman System

As already mentioned, the Ombudsman has several tasks. Depending on the number of manifestations received daily and even the size of the team, it will be necessary to use some tools, such as Ombudsman spreadsheets or even more specialized programs for sorting the data.

The ideal is to look for instruments that centralize actions, automate tasks and optimize efforts, such as an Ombudsman system.

With it, the Ombudsman's management is facilitated, because who works in the sector will be able to manage a much larger number of manifestations and will still be able to control deadlines of response in real time in an intuitive Dashboard.

In this way, the Ombudsman will have much more control over each call, while still responding to the protesters within the stipulated deadlines. Fill out the form below to speak with one of our consultants and get to know our Ombudsman System.

Ombudsman Management in the midst of the crisis

The Ombudsman has a very important role in the crisis that we are experiencing due to the Corona virus pandemic. After all, companies need to preserve their customer base and resolve the demands that arise to maintain the organization's financial health.

Therefore, the Ombudsman management must remain attentive to the most frequent manifestations, making an even greater effort to articulate solutions during this period.

Just as valid, it is to humanize the relationship with the protester, being open to the public and strengthening ties. Actions like this reinforce that the company is attentive to the customer's needs during a pandemic in which everyone is shaken by the serious impacts of a disease.

From these actions, the protester will feel valued and satisfied due to the treatment received. With this, the institution will be able to retain and retain customers based on the intermediation work carried out by the Ombudsman management.

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