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Telephone system fraud

Telephone fraud has increased considerably and has become a threat to your customers, see how to prevent it;

What is?

With the integration of voice and data services, fraud in telephone systems has increased in recent years.

Telephone fraud, which is the making of calls by unauthorized persons, is a method increasingly used by criminals who have realized that communication solutions are often an easy target.

The worst is that many times, only when receiving the invoice, organizations realize that they were victims of this scam.

How does it happen?

The most common forms are:

Large volume of calls made to a customer's international numbers

Peak long-distance calls outside business hours

Multiple short calls in a short period

How will Bemtevi Telecom help you?

It was to meet this scenario that Bemtevi has a call auditing tool that monitors the pattern of calls made and automatically generates notifications for your team to check what is happening.

Bemtevi Telecom is able to identify an abnormality of calls on any telephony platform.

When your team is notified as soon as a suspected fraud is occurring, it is possible to take action in a short time, avoiding serious problems that would otherwise only be discovered when a customer's invoice is generated.

This will prevent financial losses and prevent your reputation from being scratched, in addition to any legal proceedings.

What is possible in the Bemtevi audit

Her team defines how she wants to be notified. It is possible to generate notifications in the most different scenarios. Some examples of notification:

- When a customer's calls vary by more than 30% in one hour;

- If calls outside business hours are longer than during business hours, among other rules;

For even more specific cases, it is possible to create Bemtevi programming scripts to configure how notifications should be generated.


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