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The impacts of not having an ombudsman program.

As the company in which you work grows and starts to serve more and more customers, the number of manifestations at the Ombudsman's Office also tends to increase. This consequence must be analyzed by managers and Ombudsmen. Otherwise, the demonstrations can become a big “snowball” that will cry out for attention so as not to impact the institution in a negative way. This confrontation can begin to be done through tools and technological solutions, such as an Ombudsman program. After all, the Ombudsman is responsible for mediating conflicts, record and analyze demands, control the deadlines for each one, make reports and much more. All this always aiming to improve the organization's processes, products and services. Finally, having all these assignments without the aid of an Ombudsman program may not be the best choice. In this article, we'll talk more about it, check it out! Ombudsman Program;

When we talk about Ombudsman programs in this article, keep in mind systems and software used by Ombudsmen to manage events. However, it is important to note that an Ombudsman program can also be a document, a plan of objectives and actions of the agency. The two definitions of the Ombudsman program are relevant to the professional in the area. In fact, the ideal is to think of both from the implementation of the Ombudsman in the institution, action plan and tools. If your company does not yet have an Ombudsman,

Impacts of not having an Ombudsman program;

Companies that do not have an Ombudsman program to assist management are at risk of losing customers who have not met their demands. Or even, to suffer from the judicialization of cases, which is quite exhausting for the business image. Below, we will talk about the five main impacts of not having an Ombudsman program, pointing out what the problem is in each situation and how to solve it. Evaluate each topic to see if this is the case for you. 1. Decentralized information Problem:the Ombudsman has several spreadsheets, documents and e-mails to organize general information. One of the files shows all the manifestations of a certain period, another details what each sector needs to solve, another one tries to do case studies, etc. The professional ends up wasting a lot of time just filling in and organizing the data. Solution: centralize all data in a single software. Thus, the Ombudsman will be able to focus more on problem solving instead of worrying about operational tasks . 2. Errors in data collection

Problem : with so many spreadsheets, documents, emails and other files, the Ombudsman is usually lost during data entry. Furthermore, wrong formulas placed in spreadsheets can bring results completely disconnected from reality.

Solution: all software is always made with the user's needs in mind and this is no different in an Ombudsman program. Therefore, the chosen tool must have specific functionalities for the common cases of the Ombudsman's routine (such as predefined formulas, common data insertions, etc.). 3. Missing deadlines

Problem: The daily routine full of tasks can cause the professional to easily miss the deadlines he set for the demands that arrived in the sector.

Solution: an Ombudsman program facilitates the management of the area as a whole, including setting deadlines so that no one misses anything that needs to be done. It can also generate automatic notifications to remind managers responsible for the demands. 4. Difficulty in generating reports

Problem : company managers need reports for their strategic planning, aiming at better results. In addition, regulatory bodies require recurring reports on the Ombudsman's work. However, it is difficult to measure information if even data collection is deficient.

Solution: in this case, there are Ombudsman programs that generate pre-reports according to the needs of each market segment. 5. Internal communication problems

Problem: an Ombudsman can have many problems to send the manifestations to the responsible sectors and organize the whole flow. After all, e-mails are used in several cases, but with this type of process it is difficult to know at what stage each demand is.

Solution: this entire flow of statements can be automated using an Ombudsman program made available to each employee. Thus, the responsible sectors can access the system to respond to the requested referrals, and the Ombudsman, in turn, is able to follow this path.

Benefits of the Ksys Ombudsman program Adopting the use of an Ombudsman program can take the sector to another level, even more when the choice offers several benefits to users. This is the case of the Ksys Ombudsman system that solves all the disadvantages listed above and also offers other relevant features to the user. Among them, we can list: · Simple and intuitive dashboard containing the summary of the main information for the ombudsman management · General control of the manifestations, being able to set deadlines, identify demands and generate automatic notifications for the sectors responsible for them; · Differentiated treatment, and a support ready to assist you.

Future of the Ombudsman

The Ombudsman's Offices need to be more and more aligned with the new technologies and this in several areas, from the service to the resolution of the demands. Using a system in the cloud, for example, is something that can facilitate both actions. After all, a cloud-based solution only requires a computer with internet access so that the Ombudsman who has the proper access is able to perform his duties.

Ksys publishes several materials that help you understand more about what we can offer you. We serve all over Brazil, if you also want to know more about the news that permeate this universe, keep following the blog and follow our social networks:




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